It’s a wonderful world out there. Not that you need me to tell you how it is! But truly, it’s amazing how your perception changes every passing day. There is always something new to be learnt, a new obstacle to be surmounted, a new feeling to be understood. A never ending process! As I was looking […]

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Taken for granted

November 2016: ”In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about goes on!” Ah…great words indeed, said by the enigmatic Robert Frost. Yes, that’s what these words were to me up until last Thursday. Nothing more than a string of letters put forward by some great prodigy after careful contemplation. Or in […]

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Ente Malayalam(My Malayalam)…

Relentlessly googling for the answers to my prayers , I shrieked with joy when my searching eyes finally found themselves focussed on these words… “MALAYALAM, a Dravidian language of India, was recently rated one of the hardest languages to learn by the World Language Research Foundation”, read the google page. Yes, finally I found proof […]

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She knew it and so did I , since the symptoms were quite clear : school was just school , a sacred entity where knowledge was attained , time was spent reading books mostly textbooks all day long, no hour long conversations on the phone , no enthusiasm  in any thing school related and Amma […]


The forgotten fact …

Yes , the inevitable had to happen. There are a few handful of days when from the moment you get up from your peaceful sleep everything goes just according to your whims and fantasies : its your favorite dish for breakfast (yumm!) , the teacher is a good fifteen minutes late to class , your […]

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