17 Reasons Why 2017 was a Rollercoaster ride!!!

Disclaimer: Okay! I know the title sounds like a click bait and well it is one! ūüėõ
And yes, you guessed it right, I did struggle to tally the number of reasons to 17! 

I’m pretty sure 2017 was as crazy a year for you as it was for me.

Here are my 17 reasons why 2017 was a rollercoaster ride!!!

#1   The journey

Christmas celebrations at the hostel are fun!

When everyone comes together to eat plum cake and move their hips to ” Kaala Chasma” in front of the awestruck wardens, it really does feels like pure bliss!

And then my warden Sister Anjana got on the stage to deliver her short but sweet speech Christmas greeting (so glad she kept it short! Teehee!! )

“This Christmas strive to be a better version of yourself, that’s the greatest gift you could ever gift your loved ones”.

“Yup, I can’t believe it. She just blurted out my new year resolution!”, I chuckled to myself.

And 2017 couldn’t have ended on a lighter note than this!

#2   Tears and Hugs

 Last week I made someone cry!

Yes, you read that right.

Don’t¬†judge me just yet!

I made Sharon Rachel Manu, my hostel mate and senior friend cry tears of joy! (or so I presume).

I gifted her an early bday gift, 52 reasons why SRM rocks. One for each week of the year! And she loved it! ūüė¨

Well, it’s the least I could do for the lady who is partly responsible for who I am today!

¬†#3¬† ¬†Woohoo…We did it!

 TEDxMEC happened! The memories I made, all the meetings and the deadlines and the yummilicious celebratory treats!

Thank you, Ankita for letting me be a part of the TEDx team and on that note letting me be a part of your life too!

For further clarification: Chill guys… She is just my friend ( *wink wink*)

To find out who Ankita is and learn more about TEDxMEC, check out: In conversation with the TEDxMEC team! 

#4   Turning 20 in Europe

I happened to be in Europe on a trip with my parents during my special day and I got to celebrate my birthday in Germany. It was truly a magical experience for me and the birthday cake was to die for! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting for my 20th birthday!

Thank you, Amma and Anna for this beautiful gift!!! IMG_4936

#5   A Whirlwind of a Sem!

I remember the first day of my 5th semester and whoosh, the classes ended, the exams got over and here I am finishing up my registration for the next sem.

Time sure flies past quick!

#6   The Truth.

I learnt that at the end of the day, your parents are the only people who will always be there for you through thick and thin.

#7   KTU ROCKS!  #justcollegethings

I got to take part in my first ever strike. Thank you KTU!

For the first time in years, my college which has stayed away from politics ever since it’s inception got off the ground and took part in the protest march for student rights.

And we got back to how things were, the very next day! Thank god for that! ūüėõ

#8  Over and Over Again

I learnt that people who make you possess the power to break you too.


#9   Being the Bad Guy

I ended up hurting a few people and causing them great pain. I didn’t mean to¬†but it just happened to be so.

This taught me an important lesson;

Not all things are under your control.

#10  Hope

And however ugly and cruel the world out there might be, there will still be angels present to restore your faith in humanity.

SHWE, this one is for you, for all the fun and the “not so fun” times that we have had.¬†

Dips_bucket – you are my bucketload of love and memes!

And all my peeps back in class, you are my gems!

#11   The Joy of Winning

I don’t win things. Always been unlucky that way! But this year that finally changed.

I won my first ever prize albeit at a non-tech event called Alhomora. It was really fun. I somehow ended up in a team with random strangers, who went on to become great teammates. I went treasure hunting all across Kochi, sold 2 rupee pens for 10 rupees, ran around Broadway and finally ended up winning a 600 rupees cash prize and a coupon to loafers cafe.

I still can’t stop gloating over it.

#12¬† ¬†Happiness is…

I’ve been blogging for two years now (well…intermittently! :P) and this particular comment restored my rocky faith in my writing!


To know more check out:

Because we are all fighting every single day, to breathe, to live and to love…

#13¬† ¬†Rejection is what makes life sad, terrible and well…motivating!

I might have sent out over two dozen applications this year! Tech internships, content internships, contests, competitions and what not.

Rejection can be dealt with. But what do you do when you get selected and you can’t participate due to random unforeseen reasons not once but twice??

Even though I was selected for Policy boot camp and Jagriti Yatra, I couldn’t make it! I was devastated but life had to go on.

#14   One door closes, another opens!

But it’s true when they say that when one door closes another opens, I’ve been shortlisted to be a speaker at the youth speaker hunt for TEDxMACE!

Fingers crossed. I’m happy I made this far! Let’s see what lies ahead!

#15¬† ¬†The Evils That Lurk Around…

I was unfortunately subjected to a terrible incident, a man flashed himself at me and I was so horrified that I ran away from the spot. I felt helpless and disgusted.

My mom always used to ask me to keep a penknife in my bag and I never paid any heed to her. But that particular episode really affected the way I perceive society, now I keep my penknife very handy.

#16   Digital Detoxification is the best thing I ever did, this year!

In a world where our Instagram likes outlines our happiness, Whatsapp replies define one’s character, and FB stories interpret our lives, technology undoubtedly has broken huge walls but unfortunately had created new ones too.

Here’s what happened when I uninstalled WhatsApp for 5 days!

#17¬† ¬†To New Beginnings…

Excel 2017 and all the running behind content lead to the responsibility of being the Excel 2018 Content Manager being handed over to me! Thank you, Aravind for considering me worthy of filling your shoes.

This is a huge responsibility!

But I have full faith in my team; all my batchmates and amazing juniors to help me out there!

Looking forward to all the friendly fights, the varied opinions and the beautiful bonds that are yet to come my way with the help of my awesome core members.

And Now…

And Comment down below to tell me what made your 2017 special!



The slow breaths, reminiscence
of what I have been through
Pain, agony left behind
All that had to be won; lost
and all that to be lost; won.

Apprehensions consume me
Nothing but the ruins
are, what is left behind
Yet washing away all the dirt
what lies beneath is,
in all of its glory,
my raw naked self
exposed to the adversities that lay
morphed to survive
the crooked ways of the world
As life is meant to be lived,
in all of its hardships.

Woe is me, woe is you
A gamble of sorts
The stakes higher than ever,
to be left to chance
But life is meant to be lived
in all of its depths.

Misery, my shadow
Hope, my strength
The future knows not
what it will have me entail
Despite the odds, I press on
for life is meant to be lived,
in all of its pleasantries!

As I come to terms with reality,
I see peace all around
The silence, addictive
The scars, now forgotten
Stronger than before, I rise
shattering the realms of doubt
The beginning of something new
Or is this the end
The calm before the storm!

Here’s what happened when I uninstalled WhatsApp for 5 days!

I did the unthinkable.

I uninstalled WhatsApp.

(*mic drop*)

Albeit for a period of 5 days, I decided to do the unimaginable. I went off WhatsApp and Facebook.

Why? You may¬†ask…

Either I wanted to get away from my annoying beau, ignore my self-proclaimed best friend, distance myself from people and their problems or just simply spend time alone.

The possibilities are endless.

But truth be told, all I needed was some me time.

My fascinating findings

So here is what happened. There was just so much time on my hands. It’s alarming and crazy when you finally realise how social media has taken over your life.

I wondered what I could do!

The answers to those unresolved questions.

I actually went through my phone- the lesser explored areas of it!

The art of rediscovering old apps fills you with a sense of gratification.

Also your battery running out is no longer an issue!

As you reminisce the circumstances that made you install the apps in question, you find the reasons why you don’t delete them even if you don’t use them.

When you accept that you can’t laze around anymore and you feel like studying (*gasp*)¬†

My books have never seemed so interesting. I actually learnt a few modules. University toppers beware!xnw2MOd

Bidding adieu to all the crazy photos and videos in your gallery.

Have you ever opened your phone to show something to your friend only to have been embarrassed by the silly selfies and auto-downloaded random junk in it?

I ended up clearing the clutter in my phone. Well, you can’t learn all day, can you? Bye Bye, weird pics of strange people doing normal stuff (*ugh*).


Sometimes the best thing you can do is to go for a long walk and get some shut-eye.

A good night’s sleep has several surprising health benefits.


I was compromising on my sleep earlier as you can see and this made me promise myself that I would try to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Slaying your dragons.

I finally found time to strike things off my to-do list. Amongst other things I rearranged my shelves, cleaned my room, colour coordinated my laundry, spoke to my relatives after a very long time and I still had free time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.04.38 PM

I was extremely happy. I could finally finish all my pending books and catch up on my reading.

Left-over data! OMG!

The worst thing you could do in this fast-paced technology-driven online media-hungry world is to not finish your precious MBs!

I ended up saving my data. Now that was a real bummer though.I wonder what my parents go through every day.

Discovering your true friends!

We often forget that we don’t need instant messaging apps and social media to appreciate how amazing our life is. And I’m thankful to all my friends who didn’t let Whatsapp affect my relations with them.

But things weren’t so hunky dory all round.

Things got outright annoying!

No information whatsoever! People were so dependant on WhatsApp that I had a hard time trying to know about the happenings in college including submissions. I had to resort to calling people up and had to explain why I was calling and not whatsapping them.

The moment of truth!

All jokes aside, the¬†whole world runs on Whatsapp. I, unfortunately, can’t stop using it forever. So my brief stunt at staying away from WhatsApp¬†finally comes to an end.

Coming to today, as I reinstall the app and wait for my messages and backup to be restored;

For better or for worse,¬†¬†I can’t help but wonder how technology has altered our lives forever.

Here is your take away…

Keep whatsapping! But don’t forget to live your life in between!

PS: Coincidentally WhatsApp was down for a few minutes last week in some parts of the world. Somebody heard my plea! ūüôā

In conversation with the TEDxMEC team! 

Late post: This post was to be originally published on the 1st of September 2017. 

The apple logo is ablaze and all fired up. Tiny sticky notes all laid out around the messy yet organised table screaming ‚Äúdeadlines are here‚ÄĚ greet Ankita as she fumbles to find her diary.
The woman behind the wheel

She finally finds it under her pillow. ‚ÄúI must have fallen asleep‚ÄĚ, she smiles nervously.

The late nights that she has been pulling off testify to this.

‚ÄúWorking for TEDxMEC has helped me learn and see things for myself. I can‚Äôt help but praise my brilliant team for standing by me‚ÄĚ, Ankita Elizabeth Mathew, the curator of TEDxMEC 2017 says as she leaves for college with her precious diary, which holds all the details pertaining to the event.

The diary which every event planner on earth would die to get their hands on!

Behind the scenes

‚ÄúAnkita has been a true leader in every way possible. We never knew she had it in her‚ÄĚ chuckles Aravind, the marketing manager for the event.

“We have managed to get our license back after a gap of 2 years and we are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to organising the event in the best possible way‚ÄĚ. However, owing to the slowly growing popularity of TEDx events in Kerala, companies  seem to be interested in extending their support via sponsorships.

As the past paves way for the future

‚ÄúBeing the first engineering college in India to obtain a Tedx license does set us apart but we need to bring in ideas that have never been showcased before to bring in the crowd‚ÄĚ says Sachin Jose, one of the chief coordinators. Sachin has been actively involved in the proceedings of the event and aims to be the curator of TEDxMEC 2018.

‚ÄúI have no doubt that he (Sachin) will do a splendid job next year. I am extremely delighted to pass over the reins to him!‚ÄĚ, Ankita gushes as she pats Sachin on the back.

The movers and shakers of the team!

Amidst all the fun and frolic happening, comes Haritha Menon, another valuable member of the team into the room 515, where the TEDxMEC meeting is being held.

‚ÄúThis year, we are going ahead with  ‚ÄĚWhat Comes Tomorrow‚ÄĚ as our theme and we hope to wow our audience by our diverse set of speakers that we have in store‚ÄĚ adds Haritha before sitting in for the meeting just as Kannan V, the late comer cum tech head makes it to the meeting.

‚ÄúTEDxMEC is going to awesome, I assure you!!‚ÄĚ insists Kannan, the brain behind the custom made, engineered keychains which are gonna be the highlight in the goodie kit.

Shweta J, the social media manager has only similar things to say ‚Äú Online social media has been a boon to us. The responses have been amazing!‚ÄĚ.

As Ankita huddles the team together to finish the meeting, it’s evident that what comes tomorrow is definitely not so distant anymore!

Keep following this space to read the next blog post on TEDxMEC.

To know more checkout tedxmec.in

Hooray!!! Today is ROSHAN day!

Calling all Roshans!

Today, as you can see, is Roshan day. (Yaaaay!) Time to celebrate!

But why name a day after a friend? Is he that special to me? I can hear the aunties next door coughing! I can ever hear your brain calculating the theories of what you are gonna read next. Hehe! Fret not! 

Roshan is not just someone whom I adore. Roshan is a person whom we all know, whom we are all quite familiar with.

All you need to do is look around carefully!

There is a Roshan present in every group.The guy with a very serious moody face yet the one who has a ready to help mentality who springs into action the second you ask him for help. The guy who is lost in his own world, figuring out the answers for himself but is the most gifted person of the lot.

And today happens to be my Roshan’s birthday!

This is for him and all the Roshans that we know!

Being the amazing friend that I am, I literally only knew it was your bday when I saw my hostel mates put up their status wishing you a very happy birthday!

Yes, I know I’m crazy and stupid and weird! Hands down! No arguments there and I’m too straightforward to deny these things and sugar coat stuff.But wait! Today is not about me. Today is about this other almost insane, weird dumb head that I know.


If I had to answer this question, this is what I would have to say!

For a person to be named ROSHAN he must be…

The strongest person you have ever come across yet the one who cries over cheesy movie lines.
The one who is a know it all when it comes to advising you but has no clue where he is heading.

The one who is older and experienced but acts so weird around people that you think he is hostile.

The one who comes across as the most unsociable person on the planet but secretly is the one who cares the most.

And finally…

The one who is your close confidant but is a pain in the ass!

Dear Roshan

Yaar, you have seen me at my worst and yet here you are still ordering me around, being my support and strength and helping me grow.
I know you have been through a lot and believe me! Even though you claim you are older, I don’t think you have seen it all. There is a lot out there that is yet to come.



Voila, this is my Roshan! Who is yours?

But trust me! This time around you surely have one person to help you out with your struggles no matter what!

And that is why I hope I can gift you something that you can cherish!

A post to remind you what you mean to people! A post to make you realize your importance so that you understand what you are worth!

This is for you and every Roshan who gives us hope to survive in this deranged world that we live in, thank you for everything!

For you mean the world to an imbecile like me!!

Yours truly



Why I don’t believe in Mother’s day!¬†

Happy Mother’s day”, every mother today has woken up to this beautiful greeting embodying her child’s love and respect for her. 
May 14th, the day most parts of the world celebrates as Mother’s day. Gifts are handed over, kisses and hugs are showered, children cook food for their mothers with love. Well, that’s what everybody is expected to do, wish their mother all the love in the world on this special occasion.

But I beg to differ…

But I beg to differ, I don’t believe in Mother’s day. Probably because I came to know of it only a few years ago. We were not taught in school as such, only while I learnt French in 9th standard did I come to know that there was a day dedicated to mother’s all over the world called f√™te des m√®res. 

Thanks to the Internet, now the whole of India has risen up to the occasion to celebrate Mother’s day in the grandest way possible.

I honestly believe that one day doesn’t do her justice.

For all the sacrifices that she has endured right from the beginning , from that excruciating pain during childbirth to all the things that she has given up on just for the sake of her family , one day just wouldn’t do! 

I believe that every day is Mother’s day to me. Every time I come home, I help her out with the dishes. Every day I make sure I do some tiny chore so that she gets to spend time with everybody and not just work or spend her time in the kitchen the whole day.

 It’s fun because that’s where we talk about our day and exchange deep thoughts.

Yes, she insists that I am better of studying, (becuase that is what mothers do) and that she would take care of her work. But I love spending time with her, helping her out, learning from her mistakes and most importantly being pampered by her.

The adage “Matha Pita Guru Daivam” which translates into Mother, Father, teacher, God teaches us the greatest truth that a mother holds the highest value of reverence. 

Over the centuries, the Vedas and Puranas have wanted to tell us this indisputable fact. We were too busy being modern and catching up to the fast pacing world that we chose to turn a blind eye towards what we should have understood long back. Mothers play a very important part in our lives. Yes, it may be clearly evident but as sherlock puts it:

  We see but we do not observe.

The  moment of truth

My mother is no superwoman, she is an ordinary woman who works for a living and who looks after her family as her main priority.

When I ask her how it is that she is able to charge on every day she whispers, ” Wait till you become a mother, it will all come to you too, you do it out of  sheer love”

Every woman has the chance to be a mother, not just to her own children but to every other citizen who looks upon her for support, care and love.

This is what every mother really needs!

This Mother’s day let’s join hands to create a safe world. A world where every mother goes to sleep peacefully. Let’s help lower her burden. Let’s create technologies that help mothers organise and save their time. Let’s abolish social evils that worries every mother. Let’s reduce every mother’s fear of how the world will turn out to be in the future. 

Its time we open up our hearts, spread love and compassion for a mother’s heart bleeds only love for its children.

Let’s strive to make every day mother’s day.

And to my Amma, I would like to say that I honestly don’t need a day to tell you that I love, my love for you grows every single day.




It’s a wonderful¬†world out there. Not that you need me to tell you how it is! But truly, it’s amazing how your perception¬†changes every passing day. There is always something new to be learnt, a new obstacle to be surmounted, a new feeling to be understood. A never ending process!

As I was looking through my previous posts, I found how I had envisioned, being human as a weakness and how it was something that we tend to forget. Looking back at it now, I am forced to admit and realise how wrong I had been.

All of our life we have come across several situations where we have affiliated our shortcomings to the fact that we are just humans. I’m guilty of this crime too. Over the past couple of days, there have been instances where I have used this silly phrase to put an end to a discussion.

It was either ” I’m sorry but I’M HUMAN too” or ¬†“Yes, I messed up… but guess what!? I’M HUMAN too.”

It’s hight time we realise that being human is a strength.

Yes! You heard me right!

The ability to cope with different emotions; anger, fear, joy, jealousy, disgust, pity and all that comes in between and to be able to still go on. Now, that takes courage!

We have all been there, stuck in our insecurities, scared of how society would react to our fears. But I tell you, it’s alright. It’s okay to break down, feel lost and get angry at how the world runs. This is how we learn to survive. It’s a scary big bad world out there with pitfalls, miracles and whatnot! Brace yourselves! Never be afraid to step out. Shying away, waiting for help¬†isn’t going to lessen the pain. It just doesn’t work that way!

Social media is buzzing with posts on depression these days. Reading through them, I ¬†couldn’t help but notice that it’s indeed a grave issue that needs to be tackled and discussed openly. Yes, but the hype, the posts on facebook, the online rallies are just not enough. We have a long way to go, the sooner we realise that, the better. It all starts from within you. You need to take care of yourself, sort out those feelings and breathe! Easier said than done, but you have to start somewhere.

But as a matter of fact, humans are no different from how they were. Technology has, of course, revolutionised the way we live but not the way we feel. Deep down, we are still the same mortals who crave for attention, who need love and affection to feel appreciated and who worry about the smallest of things.

Deep down, we are still the same mortals who crave for attention, who need love and affection to feel appreciated and who worry about the smallest of things.This is in fact what makes us special.

And there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s who we are. This is what makes us different and helps us define ourselves. It sets us apart from all the other creatures. This is us, living life as it is and still going strong. And that counts, it really does!

I’m human too! Let’s start stating this with pride. People need to accept this fact! Humans are such beautiful souls who bring with them the power to build and destroy ideas and who possess the might to alter reality.

HUMANS ARE US! Never let that be a flaw, employ it to expand your horizons and reach your potential!